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Tasmania kombi hire wanted desperately

Discussion in 'Kombi Club' started by Mafti, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Mafti

    Mafti New Member

    Im in desperate need of a kombi to hire in Tasie on the 28th on December till the 1st of January.
    I know this is a long shot but I wont know if I dont ask.
    There are five of us adults flying into Launceston on the 28th for a family birthday and all the hire cars in Tasmania are booked out. I know because Ive called all the hire companies. Not one available!
    If anyone has a Microbus or knows of any one willing to hire out their kombi for 4 days to a Kombi owner of 30 years it would be appreciated.
    Failing that if anybody sees 5 adults including my 70 year old mum hitch hiking out of Launceston on the 28th please stop and pick us up.
    By chance if anyone knows someone in the car hire game that could pull a few strings that would be appreciated.

    Cheers Craig
  2. Aspro

    Aspro Well-Known Member

    Stuck in the UK
    What's the story with the DC Craig?
  3. vwfreak03

    vwfreak03 Well-Known Member

    Hobart, Tasmania
    Might be able to help out in some way....pm me

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