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Tassie Camping Advice

Discussion in 'Tas' started by Deluxe, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Deluxe

    Deluxe Active Member

    We're heading to Tassie for 2-3 weeks over Christmas and New Year in the camper.

    Plan on staying in tourist parks/camping grounds some of the time and in car parks etc the rest of the trip. Judging from the fact that the ferry seems to be booking up fast, we plan to book into a few tourist parks v soon but was just wondering if local authorities are as strict as they are here on the east coast in terms of just parking up and sleeping?

    Any other Tassie tips and also appreciated :)
  2. GusW

    GusW New Member

    St Andrews Beach
    Mate, make sure you stop off at the Bay of Fires. Awesome spot, beautiful beaches and free camping.
  3. Aspro

    Aspro Well-Known Member

    Stuck in the UK
    Great camping destination Shurms.

    Lots of great places to see in Tassie. I would recommend stopping in Swansea and Freycinet National Park on the East coast. Beautiful coastline.

    I myself will be in Port Cambell Victoria for the week before xmas so if you're keen let me know.
  4. Mordred

    Mordred Super Moderator Staff Member

    Penna, Hobart
    We like Esperance river for bush camping, south of Dover to Strathblane and turn right at the bridge. 11k with one turn left 2/3 of the way. Longdrop toilet and lots of little tracks and accesses to find sites in. Muddy if it has been raining. Close to the air walk, hastings caves cockle creek and southport.

    Also Gowrie park in the northwest is free, with flushing toilets. Open area next to rodeo ground and some fire places.

    Hamilton in the derwent valley has pay showers and toilet and free camping down by the river.

    There's is a start for you.
  5. Alpal

    Alpal Moderator Staff Member

    Melbourne Bend of Islands
    Dont forget to take the boat from Melbourne. After that its all good. Last trip wnt down as far as you can go. Great country and a visit to Brunie Island worth the time. Mount Field National Park and Frecinet are great for walks. Look forward to your report when you return.
  6. t4camper

    t4camper Active Member

    rainy Maleny
    Hi Dave,
    Have you looked at the CMCA Geowiki on their website.
    It is limited to members only. Registration and Log in don't take long.

    Lists 189 points of interest for Tassie with a search of bush camp, camp grounds, national park camps and overnight rest areas. There are so many legal camp sites, at lot free and mostly in spectacular locations you won't want to stop in just a 'carpark'.

    Cockle Creek near Catamaran, as far south as you can drive. Strahan and the north west coast for its rugged coast lighthouses and remote fishing shacks. Bruny Island, Wineglass Bay, even the centre of Hobart with historic buildings.
    I am still in trouble because I missed Richmond Bridge, I have promised to take Jane back, still getting to it from 1996.:eek:
  7. Sheriff

    Sheriff Active Member

    Warburton - Yarra Valley
    Hi mate,

    Just stumbled upon my "Caravan and Holiday Park Guide to Tasmania".
    Pretty comprehensive. Its a free booklet from "Discover Tsmania".
    The phone number to ring for them to send you one is 1300827743.
    The web address is www.discovertasmania.com
    They may be able to also advise you regarding free camping.
    Also...the "Camps 5" is about the best you can get for free and low cost camping all over the country...inc Tassie! Hope that helps,

  8. Deluxe

    Deluxe Active Member

    Thanks for all the tips guys - just what we were after.

    I'm a member of CMCA so should be able to log on there.
    I'll call for a copy of that book too Sheriff.

    Sounds like we're going to busy driving here there and everywhere. Wondering if 3 weeks is enough to do the lot or whether to focus on one area.

    Will be staying in Melbourne for a cuple of nights Aspro so would be good to catch up if you're not away...
  9. Alpal

    Alpal Moderator Staff Member

    Melbourne Bend of Islands
    Stupid queation? Whats a CMCA?
  10. Terrordales

    Terrordales Active Member

    Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia.
    I think.
  11. Kombi Dad

    Kombi Dad Well-Known Member

    Bungendore, NSW
  12. Leigh77

    Leigh77 Member

    Granton Tas
    Good luck Swag man, the East Coast is awesome at that time, but bearing in mind it'll be holidays and there's gunna be many people about, so camping might be hard in designated camping area's, as the freeloading comunity love making these places their home for months on end...... Non the less, you'll find the odd spot olong the way as there is sooooooo many of them, Like Mordred said, there's lots of places down the south to stop and enjoy, also worth doing the west coast as well, lots and lots of interesting places to see and things to do....... Enjoy your time and keep us posted on your progress..... :)

  13. malibu

    malibu Member

    albion park rail
    Cosy Cabins run some nice van parks around Tassie.Used them heaps over the last 3 years.There is one directly opposite the port when you pull into Devonport.(2 klms)Always stayed in cabins but very clean & tidy.
  14. benny

    benny New Member

    google Boiling Billy Publications. they do a book called camping guide to tasmania. it covers camping sites like national parks, reserves etc etc - but not caravan parks. it is not an expensive book from memory, but very informative.
    the info about the east coast and holiday time is correct - and it would also be relevant to spots in the north east, north west and some awesome west coast locations like the macquarie harbour heads at strahan.
    i don't reckon 3 weeks is enough, and if you could postpone your trip to start around the middle of feb you would have a bit more space.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2010
  15. Rocky

    Rocky Well-Known Member

    I have a couple of tassie camping books you can borrow, pick em up in Melbourne on your way if you like.
    I have the Boiling Billy - Camping Guide to Tasmania and
    Free-Camping in Tasmania.
    They were new in around 2003 from memory, so a bit out of date, but not too bad.
    Let me know if you want them for your trip.

    CHeers, Chris
  16. volma1

    volma1 Member

    Launceston, Tasmania
    If you're around the Scamander (EAST COAST ) area after new year I am staying at the local caravan park. Drop in for a beer. 0418132125 cheers, Greg
  17. DaveC.

    DaveC. Active Member

    Broadmeadow, Newcastle
    Hi Dave,
    we were there last year, enjoyed the whole trip. Theres a nice caravan park on the way to Stanley ( North West) we were going to stay in Stanley but caravan park was all booked out, we went there to check out the Nut. So the receptionist suggested we go back about 15 kms to this park, if you blink you may miss it called Crayfish Creek Caravan Park, very nice bush setting only $20 a night powered site and $2 for a shower, we were glad we stayed there instead of in Stanley.
    Happy travelling
    Marney and Dave

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