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Thanks Heaps Cam,you're The Best

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr Percival, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. whilst you could've made a bucket of money you chose instead to offer much needed parts to your fellow kombi kompodres!!!!

    I just formally wanted to acknowledge the wonderful kind act you have done..

    thanks so much
    Debbie, Dave, Josh & Matt
  2. Archeress

    Archeress Guest

    i must have missed something....what did cam do?...
  3. kombimatt

    kombimatt Active Member

    Dodges Ferry, TAS
    Onya Cam - I agree with Mr Percival.

    Hey Kel just to keep you in the loop. Cam bought and old rust bucket from which he only needed the motor and box. Put up a post to everyone letting them know they could have any of the other bits they needed for nix! See 79 Camper full of bits

    A true Gent of the KC is Cam I believe!
  4. Cameron McGrath

    Cameron McGrath Member

    Grafton, NSW
    Waste not want not, the whole karma things working 'cause I've had good news with the next stage of my bus and the house hasn't fallen down (yet) with my reno.

    No probs Mr P camper interior requires a little work but any "handyperson" could sought it. Like I said the bbq's always hot and beer is always cold on the weekends. You may want to bring some tools as my tool box gets lighter with each job I carry out.

    By the way anyone chasing a 70 "lowlight" camper I came across one the other day and he'll sell, "make an offer".

    Save filling up my PM box again weekends are good, and as we have a 3 and 1 year old any time after 4.30 in the morning fine. Call me business hours on (m) 0439 720 718
  5. Archeress

    Archeress Guest

    Ah well there you go....thanks matt....well done cam...very nice of you indeed...

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