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Discussion in 'The Kombi Club Bus Stop 2009' started by Roy, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Roy

    Roy Administrator Staff Member

    Mudgeeraba, Qld
    Just arrived back from Bonny Hills, after a 9 hour journey of near continuous rain and getting caught in two huge traffic jams, for no apparent reason
    I hope everyone made it back safe and sound, for those leaving tomorrow, take it steady and safe journeys
    It was great to catch up with everyone, some not seen since Canberra 2007. Sorry if I didnt get to chat with everyone, I know there was a few I missed but the weekend seemed to fly by.
    Thanks has to go to everyone that made it to the 3rd annual Kombi Club Bus Stop, whether you travelled 2 km's or 2000km's it was good to see you there.
    To have 60 Kombis in all is amazing and to have over 200 adults & kids take part is equally breathtaking
    The comradery which was apparent over the whole weekend , seems to sum up what the KC is all about
    Melissa you are a bloody legend, once again you succeeded in organising an event to be proud of.
    Scott (Melissa's other 'arf) thanks mate for the support
    Everyone who chipped in, you know who you are! Andy, Lorraine, Judy, For having the loudest voices on Saturday night, Kelly for the speech, the Easter Bunny !!! I can go on and on, even all the people who cleaned the room through the night
    Bonny Hills Surf Club who hired us the room, without question, million dollar views too. If you are passing there, please show your support
    Rainbow Beach Holiday Park, by far the easiest going Park I have stayed out ( and I have been banned from a few). I am sure they would appreciate a few emails
    So another year over and another to look forward to. For those that enjoyed the weekend tell your friends and please make the effort to support your local scene and hopefully we will all meet again at the 4th annual Kombi Club Bus Stop

  2. ruby6689

    ruby6689 Well-Known Member

    Burnett Heads
    :D Thanks must also go out to you Roy, without you KC would not exist. Also thank you Roy for paying for the hall hire for our Saturday night function which was an absolute blast.:heart:

    I have to pinch myself every time I attend one these events just to make sure that it's real, it is just such good fun from start to finish, smiles and laughter all round. No single highlight it was just an amazing weekend.

    Thank you everyone who attended, especially Melissa and Roy.

    BRING ON THE 2010 BUS STOP only 51 weeks to go whoo hooo
  3. The Dub Driver (Byronbug)

    The Dub Driver (Byronbug) Well-Known Member

    Have to add my Thank You's here as a few people helped us out over the weekend...
    To all who helped with our 2 flat tyres...
    (yes you read that right 2 :eek: )
    within 8 hours I cannot say THANK YOU enough.

    1st one was at the Big Prawn Ballina meeting spot...
    Mick had just enough time to change it & the convoy came along....
    then only 3 odd Kms from the Bonny Hills turnoff M blew another one :eek:
    Not having another spare then, "we phoned a friend"....
    Kel & Donna... who had not long arrived at the park in their beautiful splitty to ask could we borrow their spare for the 3 kms to the park....
    I had so many "Bay" friends with us there but no one could help.
    but instead they made up for it with support, jokes & a helping hand changing the tyres over...
    I was starting to stress thinking M wasnt going get to this Bus Stop either...as the other previous 2 years he missed out as he was in resto..
    & with Mick whispering in my ear "call NRMA".....
    but with a little help from you all, we got there eventually...
    AND after all that I had a "secret" surprise when I got to the park.....Necro was there :)

    Andy & Lorraine very kindly offered the next day to take our tyres to be fixed....long story & many tyre shops later, they returned with them fixed....

    So "thank you everyone" for just being there & helping in every "big & small" way that you did....you ALL made my weekend...
    This is why I luv the KC...
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2009
  4. melissa

    melissa Administrator Staff Member

    Newcastle NSW
    And now for my turn...

    Huge thanks go to Roy and Anita for their support of this club. Without their generosity we would have to ask everyone to pay for our hall hire at these events and also for the running of this forum - which is our "home base".

    Lorraine and Andy - your co-ordination and help along with Mick and Judy and Michelle and Adrian make these events an absolute pleasure.

    The Easter Bunny was a special treat - the kids were so excited, thank you to the Easter Bunny's friends.

    Alpal and John for running the Kombi Races - great fun again and I really need to practice!

    To all the members that attended 3rd Annual The Bus Stop - thank you!!!! Without members turning up, it wouldn't be a Bus Stop!! :lol:

    I love these events, the fun we have just being around each other, chatting, laughing, playing music, games, driving - its fantastic!

    Thank you to everyone for putting up with my hubby Scott and also adopting Laine, can you beleive she even had a sleepover while we were there!!

    Can't wait to see you all again, either at another event or next year at our next Annual Bus Stop.... and I also look forward to meeting lots of new members that have yet to join in.

    Oh and P.S. - the Caravan Park was great and we are welcome back!!!!! :lol:
  5. Danman

    Danman New Member

    Hey folks
    A short "thank you" from an outsider. I was working down at Bonny hills on Saturday (filling a skip bin with rubbish at the house that looks straight down the street to the beach), we were amazed at all the Kombis we saw. Well you HEAR them first, then look up and say "there's another one!":lol:

    What a presence! There must have been thousands. I hope you all enjoyed the trip. You definitely brightened up our work a bit (there's another skip bin to fill if anyone is still hanging around;) )
  6. Roy

    Roy Administrator Staff Member

    Mudgeeraba, Qld
    Nice of you to check us out Dan, you might become a Kombi Konvert
  7. Split 1

    Split 1 New Member

    Well thats nice, someone actually went out of their way to find this site to say the club made his day.

  8. back street bessie

    back street bessie Active Member

    Kangaroo Point 4169
    My turn....THANKS for coming back everyone...the forum was like a ghost town.
    Hey Judy...two flats in one day,thats almost unheard of.If i had been there you could have used my spare for sure,but good to hear Kel and Donna were there to rescue you.:)
    I got a flat in Bess(2 in 3 weeks) the other day while going over the Story Bridge and nowhere to pull over Bess had to limp to the other side and pull over in a bus stop(quite appropriate i thought)
    Welcome home everyone...glad you all had fun and returned safe and sound.
  9. The Dub Driver (Byronbug)

    The Dub Driver (Byronbug) Well-Known Member

    Steve...guess who I will be calling on when I get my next flat tyre then :lol: .....hehehe
    Judy x
  10. kyznet

    kyznet Active Member

    Ashgrove 4060
    Hah, we were wondering how quiet this place would be. Glad to see that you amused yourselves though!

    Thanks to everyone who helped to organise this wonderful event. The kids and I had a fabulous time, and it was great to meet so many people I had only ever "talked to" on this forum. :)
  11. Archeress

    Archeress Guest

    Celia and i would like to thank everyone that made the weekend a ball....a nice run down to the park...we caught up with old aquaintances and met some new folk...The surf club was a hoot and the after party party at kel and donnas was a drinkfest till you dropped...which celia apparently did...17 shots was a tad too much my dear.

    It was a lovely time and we shall see you all in 2 years hence at the 2011 busstop.

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