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Thinking of Planning a BUS STOP?

Discussion in 'Coming Events' started by melissa, Jun 18, 2016.

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  1. melissa

    melissa Administrator Staff Member

    Newcastle NSW
    Who would like to have a 'Bus Stop' in their area? We welcome all submissions which must be forwarded to Melissa via message as we keep the location for the next year event secret until it is announced at our Bus Stop Gala Dinner. So please do not post on the forum.
    Submission must be sent at least 12 months before the next Bus Stop, you are submitting for the following year and it will be forwarded to the moderation team for consideration.

    Please read the requirements below.

    Caravan Park -
    minimum 60 powered sites
    20 unpowered sites
    5 cabins
    If not enough sites then allow two on one site.
    Preferably willing to group us all together
    Good, clean amenities block
    Large Camp Kitchen or area for meet and greet
    Sealed/ all weather area for Toy Kombi races

    Location -
    Easy access, sealed road
    Within walking distance to Gala Dinner venue or other transport needs to be organised
    Area big enough and suitable for group photo shoot

    Activities -
    Friday evening - Meet & Greet - do your own or organise a charity group to do sausage sizzle
    - Saturday morning - Photo Shoot (need parking helpers)
    - Convoy drive, try to keep within approx. 30 min each way. End somewhere the large group can buy lunch (advise the cafe's at that end)
    - Saturday Evening - Gala dinner - Needs a location with a room/hall big enough to hold approx. 150 (including children)
    Room to have area big enough for Fancy Dress/ awards.
    Bar/ drink service in room
    Meal to have Gluten Free/ Vegan/ Vegetarian options available. Cost to be affordable for families. A bank account will need to be opened to collect payment.
    - Sunday morning - Easter Bunny, nominate someone to do this. You will need to ask for donations of eggs from the attendees. Eggs to be hidden around a child safe area early so need someone who is able to get up early to do so
    - Sunday Afternoon - Toy races - Al (Alpal) organises this but you need to discuss it with him re time/location

    The organiser/ team will need to have organising skills an be able to -
    -Have the time to allocate to the task and field all questions in a timely, friendly manner.
    -Liaise with the venues, ie: Caravan Park, Dinner venue, photo shoot location, charity group etc on a regular basis to 'remind/ update' information.
    -Keep close eye on Forum as member's often post in the wrong thread and can be missed.
    -Contact local press, TV etc
    -Organise lucky door prizes, award certificates, trophy's (Cornish does these but needs funds to cover)
    - Nominate an appropriate family friendly theme for the fancy dress, organise judges.

    You will also need to be able to budget well. There are no funds available (KC does not charge membership fees) so you will need to fund raise to cover incidental costs ie: raffle at other VW events. Cost of transport to the Gala evening can be added to the cost of the meal if needed.
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