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Trip to Tassie

Discussion in 'Tasmania' started by Golfy, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Golfy

    Golfy Member

    Hi! Everyone to whom Paul and I met while we were in Tassie just after Easter. We would like to thank you all for the lovely time we had and a great thanks to Jane, Tony and Family for putting us up for a night we had a ball also to Glen as we stayed with him at his brothers place and to Judy for spending the Saturday morning with us showing us her lovely house and offering it to us anytime we won't. It,s really wonderfull to be in such a wonderfull club, we have been in lots of different clubs but Kombi Club beets all. Thanks again guys and hope to be over again in the near future. ( that was our sixth time )

    Lynn and Paul (golfy)

    I hope this is done right as it's my first time I'v put on a thread. (at last)
  2. Sheriff

    Sheriff Active Member

    You have succeeded with your first thread! Well done!
    Judy (Surf Rat) was just over with us for a week, she left today to head back to Bicheno. We spoke very fondly of you guys and your visit - you will always be welcome there and at our place! Photos??
  3. heartland

    heartland New Member

    Hobart, Tasmania
    Hi Lynn and Paul, glad to hear you are home safely and it was a pleasure to have you stay with us - you are welcome anytime - we enjoyed having you around! :)

    Hope to be on the big island again soon and to meet up again sometime.
  4. The Dub Driver (Byronbug)

    The Dub Driver (Byronbug) Well-Known Member

    yep can't wait to see you guys sometime somewhere soon
    Judy [​IMG]
  5. melissa

    melissa Administrator Staff Member

    Newcastle NSW
    You were close Lynn, I just moved it from "Coming Events" to "Event Discussion".
    Glad you and Paul had a great time :)
  6. mish13

    mish13 Well-Known Member

    Gold Coast "Parkwood"
    Well done Lynn we are glad you and Paul had a terrific time we so wish we could have gone with you.
    Do you have any photos on your camera or on a disk of your trip to Tasmania? If you do bring them to Nimbin and I will load them onto my lap top. When I get home I will post them on KC for you.I am sure everyone would love to see some pictures.
    See you at Nimbin
  7. Leigh77

    Leigh77 Member

    Granton Tas
    Glad to hear you have had a great time, would love to have joined you all on the day trip to mt field, but couldn't make it. hope you come again soon.

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