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Waterfall Road

Discussion in 'QLD' started by tillis, Dec 12, 2021.

  1. tillis

    tillis Well-Known Member

    gold coast
    I have been itching to try out My Kombidores abilities with the 094 gearbox in it...so Waterfall Creek Road near Lake Maroon...so named because of its waterfall of course...


    from the picnic area there it climbs for 4km very very steeply on extremely rough rutted and rocky road til you get to Cleared Ridge... WP_20211211_003.jpg

    you are surrounded here by mountains of the Scenic Rim and Fassifern Valley


    We camped there overnight at 750m elevation and felt like a million miles from anywhere. My goal in the morning was to jog down to the Upper Portals on Barney Creek and back up 8k return


    that climb back up went on and on was so good to finally see the kombi...1 hour 45 return


    This was a great test of the kombi(and me) in first it just idles up the roughest of rough...and as usual got lots of comments about the kombi.

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