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Who's coming and where are you staying

Discussion in 'The Kombi Club Bus Stop 2015' started by ruby6689, May 1, 2014.

  1. ruby6689

    ruby6689 Well-Known Member

    Burnett Heads

    We have been allocated sites 1-63 and several cabins nearby.

    Could you please ask for your site/Cabin no when you book and add your name to the list.

    Powered sites
    Gerry and Robyn - Gerry & Robyn - 1

    ChristineL - Christine & Jasmine -2
    BlueBetty - Steve & Lisa -3
    Whitie- Tony & Gaye -4
    Golfy - Cornish & Lynn -5
    Douggieboy - Doug & Dale -6
    Syncro27 & Kombisurfer - Scott & Chuck -8
    68BUS - Brad, Anita, Bianca & Elliot -9
    john doherty - JD in Adelaide -10
    Tangles & Kombimuso - Brian , Anne-Marie & Eirian -10A
    Alice in Kombiland & VanHousing - Alice & Woz - 11
    cbus , vwfreak03 & kombiwomble - Col, Martin & Karina -11A
    Ninga - Chrissy, Paul & Gracie -12
    stusbus - Stu, Shaz & Natalie -13
    Wilbur & kombiwhisperer - Anita, Geoff & Joy - 14
    Squidy - Steve & Deb -16
    ruby 6689 - Lorraine and Andy -18
    melissa - Melissa & Scott -19
    Steve_D - Steve -20
    Airfireman - Tim, Sasa & Alan - 21
    macada123 - Martin, Mary, Oscar & Matilda - 29
    73 kombi - Phil & Deb - 33
    Tich - Vince & Jackie -35
    Kazz - Kazz & Michael -36
    DaveC - Dave & Marney -37
    Terese - Terese -38
    Kombi Kapers- John 39
    davidmcmahon - David & Bev - 40
    Tequila Sunrise - Jacqui , Craig, Libby & Emma - 41
    Sam 2 can - Sam & Margaret - 42
    Peter & Rosalee - 43
    Super - Patty & Phil - 44
    Sweetpea - Patricia -44A
    The Dub Driver - Judy - 45
    Wattie - Geoff & Irene - 46
    Roy - Neil & Leith - 47
    IMA 75 - Abigail & Greg - 47A
    Tickle - Jamie & Virginia - 48
    Luckyphil - Phil, Asher, Jet & Azzy -49
    Alpal & John & Christine - Al, Carol, John & Christine - 50
    Vormamim - Dean, Ashton, Sarah & Harry -51
    Sky Dak Dak - Fiona & John - 52
    mish13 - Michelle and Adrian -53
    Billy Boy - Nick & Andrew -56
    Choco - Summa & Matthew - 57
    Kai - Kai & Moe -58
    Kombijos- Peter -59
    Kavman - Kav & Kerry -60
    Beerdoc - Doc & Kaye - 61
    Mandie - Mandie - 62
    starkz - Rory, Tara, Colin & Lyn -63
    Orange Roughy - Josh, Mel, India & Isaiah- 69
    Kombu - Mick & Rebecca - 70
    Nik - Nicole, Ben & Dakota - 71
    animal - Shaun, Wendy, Ruby & Sonny - 77
    Albee70 - Nigel & Sue - 87
    kombi chick - Christine - 88
    Lexi76 - Craig, Karen & Logan - 95
    Weekender - Leo - 120
    Lumpybus & kombigal - Curtis & Jules - 121
    Caznsteve- Caz & Steve - 146
    cnoone - Carl, Vanessa & Ava - 161/2?
    Uke Baby - Andy - 171

    Site TBA
    Lindsay Carson

    Unpowered sites
    Gerrit - Gary & Lesley
    betsy - Jerome & Suzanne
    Ken Hudson -Ken
    Lindave - Linda & Dave

    Ensuite site

    jjdz - Jeoff & Jodee -2
    chris taylor - Chris & Marlene - 3
    Dave & Elsa - Dave & Elsa - 4
    johnbig - John & Greg -5
    Ozzie - Mick & Louise -6
    69fasty - Peter & Karen - 7
    Marlyn - Mark & Lynda -8
    Olive - Dave, Cindy & Olivia -9
    markgbs - Mark & Suz -10
    milly - Steve, Karen, Emilly & baby Jake -11

    Ensuite cabin
    oldman - Mark & Sue -4
    Otto - Rose & Wayne - 14

    Surf Villa
    Bensville - Ben , Jess, Lauren, Isabel, 'Master X' & 'Diamond'

    Ocean Villa
    Kombi Dad - Ian, Barbara, Michael, Prue & Lucinda - 36
    prone - Brendon, Sam, Ashleigh, Toby & Clay - 37

    Hibiscus Cabin

    paul77 - Paul, Sue & Kurt -24

    mr930 - Mark, Kathie, Jasmine & Karmen - 2

    Day trippers
    Happy_Camper - Matt
    My Mates Place - Luke & Naomi
    Rick&Robyn - Rick & Robyn
    Volksaddict - Ray & Siriphon
    Ian & Sandra - Ian & Sandra

    Last edited: Mar 28, 2015
  2. milly

    milly Well-Known Member

    Port Macquarie NSW
    Hi Lorraine,

    Milly will be there carrying my wife, daugther and myself and I have booked and paid for Ensuite site No:11, closest ensuite site we could get to the camp sites 1 to 63 they have put aside for the KC.

    Looking forward to it.


  3. Marlyn

    Marlyn Well-Known Member

    Eleebana / Newcastle
    Mark and Lynda "Marlyn" ensuite
    Mark and Sue. " gummy bare". Ensuite
    Dave and Cindy "olive". Ensuite
    Sorry Lorraine can't remember which ensuite numbers but they are booked deposit taken
    Thanks for your efforts
    I can now confirm ensuite sites. 8,9,10 Cheers Mark
    Last edited: May 3, 2014
  4. Joy Kombi Wolfsburg

    Joy Kombi Wolfsburg Well-Known Member

    Toowoomba QLD
    Hey Lorraine,

    Tangles and I are booked and deposit paid on powered site 10A.
  5. Alice in Kombiland

    Alice in Kombiland Well-Known Member

    Yay! I'm going to book in the next couple of days. Because it's 10A, does that mean that the site no.10 is actually two sites?
  6. Syncro27

    Syncro27 Well-Known Member

    Terrigal, NSW Central Coast
    We just booked site number 8 (we need the width for our palace to be constructed).

    Woz, site 10A seems to be one they plucked out of their ...... There is a site 11A as well.
  7. Joy Kombi Wolfsburg

    Joy Kombi Wolfsburg Well-Known Member

    Toowoomba QLD
    Hey Woz,
    On the map 10 does look bigger. I went with 10A because it looked cute and because I'm so shy, hiding in a corner is always good. Giggle
  8. Kombi Dad

    Kombi Dad Well-Known Member

    Bungendore, NSW
    We are booked in to a studio cabin either 5 or 6.

  9. Titch

    Titch Active Member

    Elizabeth Town, Tasmania.
    Hi Lorraine,

    Virgins no more. We are backing up for a second round. Have booked ensuite site number 1.
    Your noisy old next door neighbours at Griffith.

    Vince and Jackie.
  10. melissa

    melissa Administrator Staff Member

    Newcastle NSW
    We have booked powered site 19. :)
  11. Ozzie

    Ozzie Member

    We are booked for ensuite 6
    And Big John ensuite 5
    Looking forward to it :)
  12. john doherty

    john doherty Well-Known Member

    A record for me! Have booked a powered site, number 10, the furthest away from everybody else I could find. That of course, arises out of a miss placed and totally misconstrued respect and regard for every other member of this Auguste club. It also means I can play my music loud……altho at Griffith, I had neighbouring Winnebago types asking me to turn my music up. Obviously grey nomads are as deaf as I am.

    Ann-Marie/tangles not too late to move. All ewes udders....ewes'av bin warned! Arriving Thursday night/arvo after a considerably longer haul than Griffith was.

    As this is, in effect, a New Year for me…… My year runs from bus stop to bus stop…… I wish you all, a healthy, happy and prosperous 330 something days until we meet again.
    JD in Adelaide:cool:
  13. john doherty

    john doherty Well-Known Member

    Hey Mick!

    Ensuite….??? You gone soft on us or what? A man of your tempered steel and intestinal fortitude……??
    Looking forward to that return bout of bocce!
  14. Ozzie

    Ozzie Member

    The lovely better half is coming to Sawtell this time JD ,she will have holidays by then :cool:
  15. Joy Kombi Wolfsburg

    Joy Kombi Wolfsburg Well-Known Member

    Toowoomba QLD
    Thrilled to have you as a neighbour, JD. It means Brian does not have to lug magnums too far. And as for the music, I WILL have you playing ukulele before the end of the weekend!

  16. 68BUS

    68BUS Well-Known Member

    Well. I am booked in too. Powered Site number 9 for Anita and I plus the two little-uns.

    I figured it would be good to be next to Scott and your kids.
    And Believe it or not JD, you Anne-Marie and Tangles all fall under the category of respectable folks that I sort of (only sort of mind you) think it is worth trying to put my kids to bed in the general vicinity of your humble camp sites. Plus we will be close enough to hang out with folks at night instead of the cabins that were on offer in the boon-docks.
    And it also has to do with the devil you know.......

    Mind you I will be putting the kids closure to Scott's camp then yours JD. There are many words you use that I would love my kids to learn. But I am sure there are also some drunk rambling that are better unheard :lol:

    Looking forward to it. And if I cannot have my bus finished and reliable by Easter next year I think I will pack it in and buy a Tarago.....
  17. oldman

    oldman Super Moderator Staff Member

    Avalon Beach NSW
    All booked - Ensuite cabin.
    Don't know what number or where, but confirmed yesterday at Berry Blast....( just couldn't let it wait 'til we finished our round trip !! )
    Last edited: May 5, 2014
  18. milly

    milly Well-Known Member

    Port Macquarie NSW
    Won't need an alarm clock Mark, my little one will have us awake early for the surf checks, you will hear her if your ensuite cabin is close to No:11.

    Young ones do come in handy for some things.:lol:

  19. john doherty

    john doherty Well-Known Member

    thisHey Mick,

    Looking forward to meeting the missis. We can play mixed doubles bocce….Old man can be my partner.
    Similarly, Brad…… Will be very pleased to meet your partner and children. I promise to be a role model.
    Ann-Marie…… Looks like the southern end will be the red wine appreciation Society.

    Looks like being another fabulous event…… I hope our Queens land and New South Wales brothers and sisters get enthused.
    JD in Adelaide:cool:
  20. 68BUS

    68BUS Well-Known Member

    Well. We got a bit excited. Not sure if we will take the whole time but we are heading down a week early to set up camp.
    We will be proper un-washed nomads by the time busstop starts.
    Then we may skive off and go camping for another week after somewhere else. :)

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