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Why Mr Percival got his name.

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by Mr Percival, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Hi all
    i have had a few questions regarding Mr percival name... here is the answer, enjoy:):)

    Storm Boy is a 10-year old boy living with his reclusive fisherman father in a tiny house by the beach in the Coorong. Rarely do they have any contact with other people and the outside world. The film's opening scenes are long shots of the coastline and crashing waves and the boy collecting wooden planks for firewood along the beach. He finds something different, a radio, which his dad says to put in the rubbish as "We don't want it." Tom (the father) does not want outside influences (such as the radio or schooling) to disturb the simple and peaceful life they lead. "The radio will tell you you need this or that and a thousand other things. You'll want more and more and you'll end up chasing a lot of rubbish." and about schooling 'He can learn all he needs to know right here." Early in the film the boy (Mike) goes off alone on his raft and notices some smoke from a fire and an old boat so he goes over to investigate. An Aboriginal man grabs him from behind and tells him off. Mike is scared and runs off, the man starts laughing. Mike next encounters the Aboriginal man when he is walking alone and gunshots disturb the peace and he sees dead birds fall to the ground. The man shoots at the hunters to scare them off then asks Mike if he's coming to see if they hit anything. The Aboriginal man introduces himself as Fingerbone Bill and gives Mike the name Storm Boy as he 'runs like a black fella.' Together they find a pelican nest with three freshly hatched pelicans. The mother is dead nearby. Fingerbone tells Storm Boy that storms come when pelicans are killed, and this eventuates. Mike brings them home and puts them in a box to look after them and feed them. The pelicans continue to grow until they are mature. Tom tells Mike that it is time to take them back and let them go free. This is very difficult for Storm Boy who is worried about them and tries to get them to return. Much to Storm Boy's delight, his favourite pelican, Mr. Percival does come back and the two of them are shown playing games and having fun. Storm Boy also teaches the pelican to catch a ball and bring it back to him.

    Storm Boy's peaceful existence is again disturbed one night by the sound of cars, with hooligan drunk drivers who seek to destroy their property. Fingerbone Bill saves the day by scaring them off by firing a shot at one of their headlights. It is here where Fingerbone meets Tom, who is grateful to him and respects him. Tom and Storm Boy visit Fingerbone the next day and bring him a fish to eat. That night the two men confide in each other, Fingerbone saying that he broke the Kunai law with a woman and was banished from his tribe, and Tom saying that he left his wife. Storm Boy overhears the conversation and is upset by this revelation, as he believed that his mother was dead. His response is to run away to the city, wanting to find her. He walks past the local school, where the teacher Miss Walker gives him something to eat and drink and includes him in the class (which happened to be about pelicans). Miss Walker then contacts the ranger to tell Tom, and he and Fingerbone come to collect him . Tom tells him that he did leave his mother but his mother has since died in a car crash. When they are getting ready to go back home on the boat, the men on a nearby boat have music blaring from the radio and are drinking from beer cans which they throw into the water afterwards. This is seen as pollution of the environment. The fishermen get caught in a storm, but fortunately Mr. Percival was able to take a line to them so the men could be rescued. The grateful men offer Tom money and the opportunity to send Mike to a boarding school, which he considers, but is torn between his life now and the life he could have in the city. The next time the hunters are in the area, Mr Percival is shot down and Mike does a mad search through the long grass to find him. The search is unsuccessful and Mike cries as he walks along the beach remembering times they spent together. Tom talks with Mike about making a fresh start, moving to Goola, a small town nearby where he could buy the service station and Mike could attend school and they wouldn't have to be apart. 'We gotta stick together don't we?".

    Fingerbone eventually finds Mr. Percival and buries him. He shows Storm Boy the grave he dug, and there are a few moments of sadness, but this is turned to hope when Fingerbone shows Storm Boy a nest with a freshly hatched pelican in it. "Mr. Percival all over again, a bird like him never dies."

    (ever since i saw this move i have had a love for pelicans:)

    p.s i especially like the part where " Mr Percival saves the day" :)

    i am so going to get this move out and watch it again on the weekend.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2007
  2. 4tune8

    4tune8 New Member

    i had a great time reading that book to my boys as a bedtime story over a few nights

    you've inspired me to name our kombi about another story that was read to them about the same time....."Jonathan Livingstone Seagull"

  3. awesome!!! I look forward to seeing the pics of him:)
  4. Kombi Trip

    Kombi Trip Member

    Great book! But wasn't he the gull that was all about speed? Gunna have to put in a seriously worked donk to pull that off! Or maybe he was just different - in that case it would be perfect!

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