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Wolgan valley area

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ttmck, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. ttmck

    ttmck Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hallett Cove STH AUS
    who has been to this area and whats the camping like
    the town of newnes and glow worm tunnel area i would love to visit at some stage any one help me thanks tom
  2. 1975 Westfalia

    1975 Westfalia Member

    Adelaide Hills
    Tom, give my Mum a call. She's in Mt Victoria and is in the bushwalking club and she knows plenty about her local area, as well as Wolgan Valley. I'll PM her # to you. I went with her and the bushwalking club a little way through the glow-worm filled disused rail tunnels from the ridge (Blue Mountains) side.

    To access it from the Blue Mountains side there has been collapses of the road that was the old railway line, so you have to park up and walk some way, but it would be easy for you. A very beautiful area and a real feeling of isolation from civilisation can be achieved there.

    Here's a link to info on Newnes.

    Here's a link to info on how to get to the tunnels, both from the top (Blue Mountains) and from the bottom.
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